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Sustainability is about making sure the social, economic and environmental needs of our community and our businesses are met and kept healthy for future generations.

Australian manufacturing firms like Extran are being placed on a more sustainable footing by research into eco-efficient technologies and engineering practices.

We actively invest in Research and Development activities that not only improve the process by how we perform our engineering and manufacturing functions, but also provide a benefit to the environment and broader community through more efficiently designed Heat Transfer Equipment.

Extran, through its innovative approach to problem solving, has designed and manufactured Heat Recovery Systems, aimed at reducing the energy needs on process plant by capturing waste gas and re-using the energy thus saving overall fuel needs.

Our experience in designing, developing and manufacturing closed loop cooling systems, has aided our clients in reducing plant wide water usage.

We continue to work with companies on emerging renewable technologies such as Thermal Solar, to perfect the manufacture and welding of complex receiver coils.